2023 Brevard POWER Pickleball League Rules


I understand that participation in the sport of Pickleball and in the Women’s POWER Pickleball League may result in physical injury and/or property damage to myself, other participants, and/or non-participants, resulting from intentional or unintentional acts.

For good and valuable consideration, which I hereby acknowledge, of my being allowed to participate in the Women’s POWER Pickleball League and play competitively on courts of various communities and clubs other than my own, I, the undersigned, by signing this Waiver and Hold Harmless Agreement, hereby agree to waive my right to any legal action against and to hold harmless the Women’s POWER Pickleball League, its Officers, Board of Directors, Captains and any designated representative of the League, and such communities and clubs, from any lawsuits and/or other actions brought or taken against any or all of them as a result of my participation in the Women’s POWER Pickleball League as a player,officiator, observer or attendee at any sanctioned Women’s POWER Pickleball League match or function.

The Women’s POWER Pickleball League(™) is a women’s pickleball league that supports and promotes women’s social and physical health through competitive pickleball play.


Rosters and signed waivers for all teams are due on January 5, 2023. All players must be registered (pwrpickleball.com/brevard) before the first match (January 25, 2023)

The season will run from January 25 – March 29th, 2023. Matches are played on Wednesdays from 9:00am – 12:00pm (Nancy Hanson plays at 2:00 pm)

Week 1 - January 25
Week 2 - February 1
Week 3 - February 8
Week 4 - February 15
Week 5 - February 22
Week 6 - March 1
Week 7 - March 8
Week 8 - March 15* (spring break)
Week 9 - March 22
Week 10 - March 29
End of season event in April - To be Scheduled

2023 Brevard POWER Pickleball League Rules (revised 1/6/2023)

RAIN OUTS: In the event of a rainout, the league play session is canceled and the teams will resume with the schedule for the following week. No make-up league play.

All match scores must be emailed to the Coordinator (brevard@pwrpickleball.com).

The League defers to all community rules and guidelines. The home team captains will confirm with the away team captain:

  • Start time of match
  • Directions and parking instructions
  • Review of the Home team community’s guest policies and restrictions


The league registration fee per player is $20, and includes new game balls (Franklin X40 yellow outside ball). Captains should factor in costs of bottled water (optional) and team apparel, when establishing any additional individual player fees at the beginning of the season.


  • All Players (and Captains – see Captain’s Responsibilities) must sign POWER Pickleball League Code of Conduct
  • Registration to the league requires a mandatory signing of a hold harmless waiver.
  • Teams are all based in Brevard County
  • A player may only fill one line position in each match.
  • No professional tennis or pickleball players may compete in this league. A professional is defined as someone who has been paid for an athletic performance. So, receiving any compensation for winning a pickleball tournament makes you a pro.
  • A player may only appear on one team roster and may not transfer to another team during the season.*
  • Each roster may not have more than 20 players.*
  • Online Registration includes: name, phone number, e-mail address, and birth year along with acceptance of Hold Harmless waiver, Rules and Code of Conduct.


  • Home teams must have a minimum of (2) hard surface outdoor pickleball courts.


  1. The League Coordinator will generate a line-up sheet and send it to each captain. The captain will submit their line-up to the league coordinator by 3:00 the day before the match.
  2. At the end of the match, both captains must sign the completed score sheets and email a copy of the scoresheet to the League Coordinator (brevard@pwrpickleball.com). Match date, and teams MUST be included in the SUBJECT line.
  3. The League Coordinator will input the match scores on the platform.
  4. To create an equitable lineup, Line 1 should always represent the strongest players, Line 2, et al.
  5. The first server on each team will wear a wristband. It may be silicone or paper.
  6. After the initial coin toss, each line receives up to a 5-minute warmup.
  7. Server (or server’s partner) must announce the score audibly before serving. The first time the server’s side does not announce the game score, the returning team should catch the ball and give the opponent a warning to call out the score. The next time that team fails to call out the score, the exchange ends and it becomes second serve or side out.
  8. Once the score is called, the server has 10 seconds to serve the ball.
  9. VIOLATIONS: If a service foot fault or illegal side-arm serve is observed, it may be noted by the opposing team.
  10. All players may call “no volley zone” (kitchen) infractions, which is an immediate loss of exchange.
  11. The receiving team is responsible for calling a service out when a serve lands in or on the kitchen line, or outside the court. If a serve makes contact with the net and then bounces in the service court, the serve is good and should be played.
  12. During play, all balls that land on the perimeter lines or any part of those lines are considered in. The team receiving the shot is responsible for the call. It is important to give your opponent the benefit of the doubt unless you are 100% certain that the ball is out.
  13. Time-outs. Each team is allowed one (1) time-out per game (which includes captain time-outs). A time-out will consist of a 1-minute break. When a time-out is called, each player will place her paddle down on the court. The server will place the ball under her paddle and announce the score prior to leaving the court.
  14. HYDRATION BREAKS: Players may bring water to the court. A hydration break may be called by any player, as long as it does not appreciably prolong the game.
  15. Coaching during a game is ONLY permitted during time-outs. Only the players in the match, captain, co-captain, or if the captains are unavailable, a designated representative may call a time-out.
  16. A captain or designated captain may go on the court and converse with the players during the time-out. The pro may consult with the captain off the court but CANNOT interact directly with the players. No coaching is permitted during a medical time-out.
  17. Spectators may not make line calls or coach the players. If a spectator is making offensive comments or threatening violence, the players can request from the home captain that the spectator leave the viewing area.
  18. Each team is responsible to make the calls on their side of the court. If there is continued conflict with the call, a team may request a referee.
  19. Each team must provide two (2) experienced players to be available to serve as referees in the event that players request a referee. The designated referee could be male or female. If a ball should crack during play, the point should be played over with a replacement ball.
  20. All players are expected to show the utmost respect for their teammates, opponents, league officials and spectators. A player can be suspended or removed from league play by the League Commissioners for any unsportsmanlike or inappropriate behavior (i.e. cursing, yelling or threatening violence).
  21. If the spectators are rowdy, cursing, yelling offensive comments or threatening violence, the teams can request that the spectator leave the viewing area.

LEAGUE INFRACTIONS: Consistent disregard for the above rules will not be tolerated.

  1. First time infractions result in a VERBAL warning and the player is advised that a repeat offense will result in loss of point
  2. Second time infractions result in a TECHNICAL warning. Player will lose the contested point
  3. Third time Infractions result in a PENALTY and the offending player will be removed from the game and the line is lost.

RAIN OUTS: If it rains and courts are unplayable prior to any line starting a match, the week’s match is canceled. Once the match is officially called due to unplayable conditions, the score(s) of the games in progress should be written in the area provided at the bottom of the score sheet.. Home team captain should enter scores at the point of interruption (even if the match is not completed) for all players and ALL LINES.

SCORING: Tie at end of season (before playoffs and finals) – The first place team will be determined by the following criteria:

  1. Matches won – The team winning the most matches claims first place.
  2. Games Won – If there is a tie, the team with the most games claims first place. If they are still tied, criteria C applies.
  3. Total points won – The team with the most accumulated points against ALL teams for regular seasonal play (first seven weeks before the playoffs and finals) will claim first place.


  1. Fulfilling the League Mission: This is an INCLUSIVE league, and captains will endeavor to play all the members of their team in as many matches as possible, while understanding that scheduling and rainouts may influence that.
  2. At the start of every match, the captains must exchange a score sheet filled out with their players’ names in rank order.
  3. The captains represent their team’s community or facility. Please be courteous and kind as YOU set the example. Please arrive early to every match to greet the guests coming in and show them where bathrooms, fountains and coolers are located.
  4. Home captains are responsible for sending the completed and signed score sheet to the League coordinator at the conclusion of the match. Scores must be submitted to the League Coordinator by 4 pm. Reminder, both captains must sign both score sheets, each keeping a copy.

* – Exemption must be requested and approved by League Commissioners.


As a member of the Women’s PWR Pickleball League, I promise to abide by the following rules of player responsibilities:

  1. I will exhibit the utmost courtesy, respect, fairness, and honesty in dealing with others on and off the courts.
  2. I will exhibit good sportsmanship at all times. I will not engage in rude or abusive behavior, use profane language, give unsolicited advice, or let emotions get out of control.
  3. I will engage with the spectators in a respectful manner and dialogue.
  4. I will make the visiting team welcome. I will introduce myself, offer water and any assistance necessary.
  5. I will, as a spectator, set an example and acknowledge good play on both sides.
  6. I will not be overly enthusiastic if my opponents make unforced errors or miss shots.
  7. I will not argue calls made by my opponents. If conflicts persist, I will ask my captain to place/request a referee.
  8. I will be gracious in victory or defeat.
  9. I will avoid interrupting matches in progress, walking on or near the court, leaning on courtside fences, and other distractions when play is in progress.
  10. I will follow, and ensure my teammates follow the 2023 Brevard POWER Pickleball League RULES.


As a captain of Women’s PWR Pickleball League, I will abide by the following rules of player responsibilities:

  1. I will maintain control in the most stressful situations and be the model of excellence for my teammates.
  2. I will exhibit the utmost courtesy, respect, fairness, and honesty in dealing with others on and off the courts.
  3. I will help the team get organized for games
  4. I will lead by example and refrain from confrontation over court issues.
  5. I will be welcoming to the visiting team when hosting the match, and respectful of the host community’s rules when we are the visiting team.
  6. I will, as the home team Captain, do my best to keep the crowd from being overly enthusiastic and disturbing the players on court. I will ask the spectators to be respectful of all players and acknowledge good points for both sides. I will ask spectators to refrain from going on an active court or hanging on courtside fences during match play.
  7. I will, as the away team Captain, keep my composure if antagonized by another player or spectator. I will approach the opposing Captain and work with her to resolve the problem.
  8. I will review and enforce the Players Rules of Conduct with my team.
  9. I will abide by the Player’s Rules of Conduct.
  10. I will follow, and ensure my teammates follow the 2023 Brevard POWER Pickleball League RULES.